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I recommend them to all my running friends!

"I had a race the past week for which I'd been preparing all summer. The night before, I packed my clothes and attached my LaceLockers® to my spikes. I got to the course the next day, and was putting my spikes on when I suddenly realized how dry the ground was. I yanked on my running sneakers and dashed off to the starting line, leaving my LaceLockers® on my spikes. By the end of the race, I could feel the strain of the double-knots on the top of my feet… it was definitely a bad choice! I love how comfortable (and secure) my LaceLockers® are - I recommend them to all my running friends!" Meg Pritchard

It's very easy to use!

"At first thought this will never catch on, most of us double knot the strings. After using it now for about a week it's very easy to use. Will have to get a second pair for my motorcycle boots which always come untied".

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