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My laces stayed put!

"I tested LaceLocker® this morning during a half marathon. It worked great, very easy to use and my laces stayed put. Highly recommend." Toni Gimple

It works on my child's shoes!

"Wow...I could not believe it works on my child's shoes. No more hearing...please tie my shoes. And, you do not have to buy new laces like so many other products on the market. Excellent and solves that loose lace problem. It says what it does and does what it says. Great invention." Harvey Class

I can't imagine running without them!

"LaceLocker® changed the way I approach long distance running. Typically on a long race like a marathon I would have to stop two or three times an hour to re-tie my shoes because they either became untied or had gotten too loose. This not only hurt my finish time, it also affected my rhythm. I used Lace Lockers® on my last marathon, however, my shoes stayed at the same snugness for the entire race, allowing me to get my fastest time ever! Now I can't imagine running without them." Andy Howlett, Washington, DC

Helps improve their confidence!

"My experience with the visually impaired and multi-impaired populations serves me to believe that LaceLocker® keeps children out of danger, helps improve their confidence, and allows them to become developmentally ready at their own pace to master the art of shoe tying." Doreen Seymour

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