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I am one very happy Mom who never has to worry about her daughter's laces causing an accident!

"My daughter won't be caught without LaceLockers® on her shoes! When she received her LaceLockers® after an infamous photo with her untied laces as she crossed the finish line at a race, she immediately put them on her running shoes. Now nothing sticks out or flops around and nothing gets loose! My daughter is a runner and tennis/soccer/field hockey player and she uses them for all her sports, not just running. Soccer shoes are the worst, as they would untie during the game. LaceLockers® can get dirty after four practices plus two games per week on a grass field that can be rather muddy after some rain. I put them through the washer/dryer cycle, and they still lock perfectly!" Mom (Yelena) a

They worked great!

"They worked great . . . they are simple to install, easy to use, light, unobtrusive and, most importantly, effective." Jonathan Beverly, Former Editor-in-Chief, Running Times Magazine

I use LaceLockers®!

"I used The LaceLockers® today….it took only a walk around my kitchen to realize that I had pressure on the top of my foot without The LaceLocker® so I put the other one on BEFORE I ran….very smooth indeed. My daughter now loves them too." Julie Myers, UVa Women's Lacrosse Coach

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