September 15, 2017

Easy to place on my shoes and besides the bright color of the Lace Lockers I choose to try, you would have never known they were on my shoes. The best part is after 8 miles of trail hiking in the Sierra, I never once had to stop and tie my shoe. Really such a simple solution to a problem that plagues millions of kids and some adults (ie… ME). Read more ab...

March 14, 2017

"After my post reviewing Lace Lockers® the owner, Carol 'STASH' Stanley, reached out to me and sent a pair of Lace Lockers for my little dude. I put them on his shoes immediately. Woohoo no more untied shoes, no more double knotting!" Read more of her review here.

May 25, 2015

A youth with learning disabilities wears LaceLockers® for safety. LaceLockers® are easy to install and allow children to play safely.

January 12, 2015

Mason has Down Syndrome and was messing with his shoes and untying his laces. With LaceLockers®, problem finally solved! His teacher and mother both agree, they are awesome! Mason's shoes are a toddler size 9, they fit adult sizes and also baby/toddler.

October 14, 2014

"My daughter won't be caught without LaceLockers® on her shoes! When she received her LaceLockers® after an infamous photo with her untied laces as she crossed the finish line at a race, she immediately put them on her running shoes. Now nothing sticks out or flops around and nothing gets loose! My daughter is a runner and tennis/soccer/field hockey playe...

July 17, 2014

"This product held up wonderfully and kept my laces in place and tied even in very tough conditions. I was very impressed. I washed the mud off of them afterwards and they cleaned up very well."

Ultra Inspired via Facebook

March 14, 2013

"As someone with a visual impairment, I wear lace lockers so it is one less thing I have to concern myself with in my daily, active routine."

Tylor D'Errico, Age 16

January 22, 2013

"I love my LaceLockers®! Despite double-knots, I've had to re-tie my laces on many runs and LaceLocker® has solved it! No more trying to tie my laces with frozen fingers or having to stop a good pace to tie a shoe. I just ran my 3rd marathon (Disneyworld 2013) in them and will always wear them for running. They're easy to use and so comfortable on my shoe...

November 29, 2012

"Wow...I could not believe it works on my child's shoes. No more hearing...please tie my shoes. And, you do not have to buy new laces like so many other products on the market. Excellent and solves that loose lace problem. It says what it does and does what it says. Great invention."

Harvey Class

November 26, 2012

"My experience with the visually impaired and multi-impaired populations serves me to believe that LaceLocker® keeps children out of danger, helps improve their confidence, and allows them to become developmentally ready at their own pace to master the art of shoe tying." Doreen Seymour

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