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YouDoShoe Creators Kit

This special ETSY offer is a great gift for Kids and Teens ages 6 and up! Create your own designs! LaceLocker® provides safety for your kids from the ground up – while giving them the chance to creatively express themselves!


The YouDoShoe Creators Kit is a unique ETSY offer that allows you to customize your LaceLocker®.  Design your artwork, apply the adhesive label, and stay safe without loose laces!


Kit includes a pair of LaceLocker® shoelace protectors, a sheet of self adhesive labels, and a multi-colored pen!

Easy To Install!


With LaceLocker®, you will never have to double or triple knot your laces again! Use your own laces, no cutting involved! LaceLockers® are sold in pairs and can be easily installed in seconds! One size fits all shoes.

LaceLockers® are a great safety device for runners, walkers, hikers, and any sport activity. They are also helpful for children learning to tie their laces, and for individuals with disabilities to prevent them from tripping and falling. 
LaceLockers® are available in assorted solid colors and graphic patterns or, with a minimum purchase, they can also be customized with a unique logo for your promotional needs!

Tie, Stow & Go!
3 Easy Steps To Install

Your LaceLocker®!

Installs in seconds without cutting or relacing your shoes! With LaceLocker®, you will never have to double knot your laces again!

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