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A great invention for orienteers!

When I'm competing, every second counts. So naturally, losing time to untied shoes cannot happen. LaceLockers® are perfect for orienteering by keeping my laces tied so I can focus on the map and terrain. Also, using them means I don't produce any waste from tape for my laces. A great invention for orienteers! Gregory Éamon Ahlswede

Like I need another reason to love LaceLockers®

"After my post reviewing Lace Lockers® the owner, Carol 'STASH' Stanley, reached out to me and sent a pair of Lace Lockers for my little dude. I put them on his shoes immediately. Woohoo no more untied shoes, no more double knotting!" Read more of her review here.

Neely Spence Gracey is SportsWomen of Colorado Marathoner of the Year

"There is no such thing as tough. You can either be trained, or untrained. And I choose to be trained both mentally and physically." I believe this is why I was selected as the SportsWomen of Colorado Marathoner of the year. Honored to be recognized by the incredible Missy Franklin alongside Addie Bracy Jenny Simpson & Emma Coburn in their respective fields. As well as other amazing women who inspire me to continue training and believing in myself and my goals. Neely Spence Gracey with Dillon Scooter Gracey and Addie Bracy.

If you don't have a pair, I encourage you to get some!!

"My review of LaceLockers®. Went out on a 5k today with these, and they did great in keeping laces tied just like I started with on my run!! The Velcro® closure locks laces in place so no slippage occurs! If you don't have a pair, I encourage you to get some!! Well worth it, and you don't have to stop mid- run to tie laces back up!" John Mayros

I never worry about my laces anymore ! - Kim Jones

I really like using the LaceLockers®. They are great, especially in cold temperatures and windy conditions -- this is when my shoelaces come untied no matter how many times I double and triple-knot them. Now with LaceLockers® on my running shoes, I never worry about my laces anymore !! (And, I only need to single-knot them.) Kim Jones, Marathoner, Road Runner, Author Kim Jones began running marathons after watching Joan Benoit Samuelson's victory at the 1984 Los Angels Olympics on television. She rose to become one of the best female marathoners in US history and was ranked 3rd in the World in 1991. Kim has been one of the most dominant distance runners in the world. She has more high-level

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