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Announcing the LaceLocker®
Charlottesville High School (CHS) Pursue Excellence Scholarship

June 8, 2022

The 2022 LaceLocker® Pursue Excellence Scholarship Recipients from Charlottesville, VA High School are:


Pray Meh  

Vanessa Granados-Martinez 

Sidney Gianakos

July 17, 2020


100+ Women Who Care (Charlottesville) is partnering with the LaceLocker® Scholarship Fund (LLSF) to create a LaceLocker® Pursue Excellence Scholarship at Charlottesville High School (CHS) for first generation female student graduates. 


The mission of the LaceLocker® Scholarship is to help send first generation female students to college, who could otherwise not afford to attend. 
LLSF provides Freedom through Education so that students:
* Learn and discover their capabilities and fullest potential
* Pursue their dream(s) of how to change the world
* Make a difference in the lives of others
* Defy limits and become more than anyone dreamed possible

CHS will identify a number of recipients who will receive an equal distribution of funds from this scholarship.  The monies will cover  Non-Tuition Expenses.

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