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My 9-year-old daughter loves her LaceLockers®!

"I love my LaceLockers®! Despite double-knots, I've had to re-tie my laces on many runs and LaceLocker® has solved it! No more trying to tie my laces with frozen fingers or having to stop a good pace to tie a shoe. I just ran my 3rd marathon (Disneyworld 2013) in them and will always wear them for running. They're easy to use and so comfortable on my shoe you don't know they're there. My 9-year-old daughter loves her LaceLockers®, too! Before she started wearing them she'd get off the school bus with at least one shoe untied. Since wearing LaceLockers® -- no more untied shoes!" Jenny Fjeseth, Certified Personal Trainer, ACAC, Charlottesville, VA

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