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Welcome Brand Ambassador Melinda Howard


LaceLocker® welcomes Melinda Howard from Mississippi as a Brand Ambassador. "I started running on Labor Day, 2011, as a promise to my sister to do the C25K program with her. It was a few months before my 50th birthday. At that time, I was in the process of trying to drop a "few" pounds. I discovered that C25K was challenging! I also discovered it was lots of fun to run. The last thing I found out was that I had dropped 20 pounds while working my way through C25K. That was a pleasant surprise!"

"As C25K came to a close, I knew I wanted to continue running and working towards losing more weight. A few months later I ran my first 12k. That next fall, my first Half Marathon....I kept adding distance to my runs and I kept losing weight. Finally, after running 3.5 years, I'd run a few marathons and my first ultramarathon and lost a grand total of 170lbs. I was a pretty hefty person when I started all of this and I definitely had it to lose so I was over the moon excited about my new lifestyle! The thing I didn't expect to come from all of this was my intense love of the sport and the strong desire to encourage others.

As my running distances increased, anything that would make those long training runs and races go easier, I was all for it. After having to stop during a marathon to retie my shoe (not fun!) I learned about LaceLocker® and I knew I had to try it. One run and I was hooked! No more worry about those goofy shoelaces. It sounds silly but it was a huge relief!

When I checked into LaceLocker®, I also learned about the heart of the company. The gift of education and opening the world to a person! I'm 100% behind bettering yourself through education and I'm all for helping make education available, so anyway I can help with that, you can count me in!

I applaud 'STASH' and her scholarship for women! I thinks it's marvelous and I'm proud to be affiliated with her and her terrific product!!"

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