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Remy Brandefalk, Swedish Runner, Prepares for "The Journey" at Volstate Race

Remy is our Brand Ambassador in Sweden and will be at the Volstate Race, where he will attempt for a second time. He was in the race at 2015 but decided to drop out with just 80k left of the 500k on his feet in the heat of Tennessee summer. Running for him is not about the medals or the fastest times or to beat others. For Remy it is a lifestyle to be out on adventures. Remy says he never chose a race, the race chose him. The race is a test of his own limits and a way to test how far he can go. For this second attempt Remy has been training hard and done his home work. He struggled the last two years with injuries, but last year he came back on track. "It’s always a balance to train for ultras" said Remy, who sees himself as a fun runner not an elite runner. Remy has a wife and 3 kids, with a full time working day life. "My training is my recovery work in a way," says Remy with a smile. But between the smile it’s always a reality where Remy has found the freedom to be on the run on the roads and the trails. A 314-mile race like Volstate is not just an ultra marathon beside all the others. To be out on the roads in extreme heat without support is not a walk in the park. Remy is also in the class non crewed, which means he is on his own. For Remy, Volstate is a kind of inner journey, it’s a way to find out more about himself he didn't know before. Remy is taking this second attempt to a new level. He will make a documentary film about his way to, through and hopefully to the finish line. The film will go under the name “The Journey.” "It’s a big project," Remy says, and he will do all the filming himself. He is also working with music for this film and it will be released this fall. Remy has done all his preparation in Sweden and Norway. He is planning to do the race with a friend from Norway. "Volstate is no guarantee to finish, but when nothing is sure, everything is possible!"

" says Remy.

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