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Trail Runner Zo De Muro, LaceLocker® Brand Ambassador

Although I ran very briefly in high school, and as a young adult n NYC, I have to say that I despised running! It just didn’t feel right for my body, or my spirit. Fast forward about 37 years or so to Northern California. At the tender age of 60, I decided to prepare for a fitness convention I was attending (I had become a personal trainer and fitness coach) and running was part of that prep. I don’t know if it was a more physically sound body, or the beauty of nature as I ran in the Oakland Hills, but I became hooked on running, and have not looked back since!

The past 7+ years of running have been a tremendous blessing! I’ve had several surgeries and illnesses which have laid me low, but running has always brought me back to where I needed to be. I race once a month, and while this year has been devoted to 10K trail races, by next year I expect to be back to half marathon trail racing again.

As an older athlete, I look for every advantage I can find - whether it’s following optimal nutrition, effective cross-training, or using gear that works best for me. LaceLockers® are now part of that strategy. When I’m running, the last thing I want to deal with are loose laces, and as a trail runner, that’s a real imperative as rocks, roots, branches, vines, etc. all conspire to snag laces. With LaceLockers® I have sure-fitting laces and nothing that can get snagged on low-lying brush or in the crevices of rocks out on the trails.

Add to the mix that “Stash” has created a company whose profits are dedicated to furthering the education and improving the lives of young women, and her devotion to athletes of ALL abilities, and I have to say that I am truly honored to be on the LaceLocker® team!

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